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Mastering the Lottery: How a Group of Ivy League Graduates Beat the Odds and Won $6 Millions

In a tale that seems straight out of a Hollywood script, a group of exceptionally bright friends has defied the odds and raked in millions through the ...

Biggest UK EuroMillions Lottery Winners

Who are the 10 Biggest UK EuroMillions Lottery Winners? Ever dreamt of quitting your job, buying a private island, and living like royalty? Well, for a ...

Stefan Mandel – The Man Who Won The Lottery 14 Times

Stefan Mandel - 14 Times Lottery Winner Lottery stands apart from other forms of gambling. While betting involves skills and experience, a lottery is ...

The Remarkable Stories of the World’s Youngest Lottery Winners

Who Are The Youngest Lottery Winners? Dreams of striking it rich often dance in the minds of lottery players, but for these youthful winners, the dream ...

8 Biggest Lottery Winners in the World

8 Biggest Lottery Winners There is nothing more rewarding as winning a lottery. It's basically just tons of money that you get without any effort. You just ...

Lottery Winners Who Went Broke: 8 Tragic Stories

The prospect of winning a lottery excites everyone. But here's a fun fact, 1 in 3 lottery winners go broke. It sounds disheartening, but it is true. The ...

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