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Beat Lottery Review

The overall best system for lottery predictions, generating most frequently winning combinations and overall lottery management.
9.4/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category Lottery Systems

If you are looking for a site that offers everything from complete lottery statistics to various number generators and improve your odds to win, look no further!

Can this system help you win the lottery? Is it able to generate the winning combinations for you as it claims? Will you be able to improve your odds and start winning way more frequently than is normally possible? Read further to find out!

After seeing so many “winning lottery systems” promising easy wins, we found this rare gem in the lottery systems world.

So what exactly is so good about this system?

Winning Numbers Generators

This system offers lots of things from generating winning combinations and predictions to complete lottery management. This is not just a winning lottery system but much more.

#1. Most frequently winning combinations

The main feature is generating the most frequently winning combinations. They claim that:

Randomly drawn numbers form patterns that can be recognised and predicted by our sophisticated lottery system. Spotting these patterns in early stages can significantly increase your chances to win the lottery. Lottery doesn’t have to be a game of pure chance!

Lotto Top Combinations
UK Lotto top combinations winnings from 20 Oct 2021.

This is backed by an article from Wikipedia so it looks like this could be reliable info.

I never believed that lottery machines can be random because some draws keep repeating in some form of patterns so this is good news.

So their first strategy is to generate the most frequently winning combinations which are winning way more frequently than the odds would normally allow. This is a nice statement but does it work?

I’ve looked up the TOP 100 most frequently winning combination on all of their lotteries and then compared the winning frequency with my randomly generated numbers. I can tell you that I was never even close with my random numbers in terms of frequency. On some occasions the most frequently winning combos won 10 times more often than my random numbers, that’s quite impressive!

#2. System Predictions

Another interesting way to generate winning numbers is by using their sophisticated machine learning system where they select the most probable numbers to be picked in the next draws. The idea behind this system is that they pick roughly half the number of balls which in reality eliminates about 98% of the combinations. I’ve done my calculations and this is correct.

However, does this work?

I’ve looked at the charts they provided for MegaMillions and compared how many times they matched all 5 main balls + mega ball VS how many times they haven’t matched a single ball. It was almost twice as much in favor of matching all balls which proves that the predictions are at least twice as likely to win your jackpot than playing random numbers which are in my opinion great result!

#3. User predictions using the Wisdom of Crowds method

This method is based on the collective wisdom of crowds where the idea is that many are smarter than the few meaning, that if a group of people tries to predict the outcome of the lottery, their collective result will be better than a single person predicting the lottery. I’ve tried to participate in this game and my observations are that while I wasn’t able to match more than 2 balls over a month, there were instances where the crowd predicted correctly up to 4 balls on one occasion which looks pretty amazing to me.

#4. Various Number Generators

They offer several number generators – some of them based on balls recency – e.g. most recently drawn numbers, others picking completely random numbers but covering every single ball.

What I like was the Frequency Winning Combinations Generator where you can generate specific sets based on past winning criteria. For example, I tried which combinations won the most prizes in the past 3 months and it showed me combinations which for some reason won the most frequently. Surprisingly I tried to play a few of them and managed to win few small prizes.

Lotto America - Frequent Numbers Generator
Lotto America – Frequent Numbers Generator

#5. Winning Patterns

I like this tool which allows you to see your numbers in a nice view which shows you every single draw where the numbers won a prize and where it hasn’t. I could see some winning patterns in my numbers which I could use to skip a certain number of draws after each time the numbers won a prize and play them when I thought the number may come up. Really interesting idea but would need more time to test it.

Managing lottery games

Lottery Management

#1. Lottery Tickets

This is a very nice feature where you can store an unlimited number of your favorite lottery combinations and track their winning history from day one. It will automatically calculate how much money would you spend playing your numbers and how much money would you win. It even tells you in which draws and which prize did your number match.

#2. Winning Patterns

This brings us to winning patterns again. Once you store your combinations to your tickets, you can see a nice calendar-like view of all your numbers and their winning history over a selected period. You will be able to see the winning patterns and the dead periods where your numbers didn’t win a prize. I like this quite a lot because I was able to guess when to play my numbers next time and when to just sit on a side and observe.

BeatLottery - Winning Patterns



As expected from any reputable lottery website, Beat Lottery offers tons of useful statistics which include the following and more:

  1. Complete draw histories
  2. Single balls frequency checker
  3. Pairs balls frequency checker
  4. Triplets balls frequency checker
  5. Quads balls frequency checker
  6. Bonus balls frequency checker
  7. Machines used frequency
  8. Odd vs Even numbers frequency
  9. Sum of numbers frequency

Which lotteries are supported

Supported Lotteries

The system is split into 2 websites. One targeting mostly USA and Canada lotteries. The 2nd one is for European and UK market. Let’s see what lotteries are supported on each of the sites:

USA Mega MillionsEU/UK EuroMillions
USA PowerBallUK Lotto
USA Lotto AmericaUK ThunderBall
USA Lucky For LifeUK Set For Life
Canada Lotto MaxUK Health Lottery
South Africa PowerBallUK Irish Lotto
EU EuroJackpot
BeatLottery.net / BeatLottery.co.uk list of supported lotteries.

As you can see they support only the biggest / multi-state lotteries. I believe it’s good to concentrate on the biggest ones and leave out the smallest ones but from what I could observe, additional lotteries are being added from time to time.


What about security?

From the first look the site looks modern, very professionally done. It supports HTTPS which is secure browsing so your information is safe.

I haven’t found any information about data breach or any kind of complaints.

  • Modern website built using latest tools
  • HTTPS secure browsing
  • Very fast speed
  • CDN enabled for fast serving of web pages
  • All security headers enabled

Compare with Others

How it’s good with competitors

There’s not a single competitor who offers the same functionality as what Beat Lottery does. The closest ones we can think of would be the LottoPrediction site which seems just like a copy of the Beat Lottery system and wisdom of crowds predictions method. In terms of statistics, there’s no shortage of comparable systems like SamLotto, our best Windows based lottery system, but you definitely can’t find any site that will generate the numbers for you in such an easy and nice way.

Price list of packages?

Where to Buy and price list

Beat Lottery offers 2 types of memberships:

  1. Monthly Subscription costs $9.95 (or £9.95 for a UK site)
    This is a good way to start and get familiar with the system and if you decide to cancel, you can do it at any time.
  2. Yearly Subscription costs $95 (or £95 for a UK site)
    Good for serious long term lottery players because this gives you pretty much 20% discount over the monthly subscription.

Ultimate Membership – Monthly Most Convenient

Recurring monthly membership which can be cancelled at any time.

Ultimate Membership – Yearly Best Value 20% off

Yearly one off membership

Our final thoughts

Pros and Cons

9.5 Total Score

Currently the best lottery system tool on the market.

9.5Expert Score
Supported Lotteries
Accuracy of results
Membership Price
Overall site usability
9.4User's score
Supported Lotteries
Accuracy of results
Membership Price
Overall site usability
  • Supports all big popular lotteries around the world.
  • System predictions win overall more frequently than random numbers.
  • Decent winnings with most frequently winning combinations.
  • Complete draw histories.
  • Tons of useful statistics.
  • Ability to store lottery tickets and track their winning history.
  • Fun way to bring crowd to predict the lottery.
  • Customer support responds normally within 24h.
  • We were not able to win the jackpot while testing, but who are we kidding!
  • Would be nice to have more lotteries but they are adding them from time to time.
  • Would be nice to have more payment options.
  • Can’t really think of much else, we like this site!
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  1. 4.65
    Supported Lotteries
    Accuracy of results
    Membership Price
    Overall site usability

    I would recommend the site to a friend.

    + PROS: The pros of achieving success is great using the system.
    - CONS: The cons of not achieving success using the system is minimise.
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  2. 4.5
    Supported Lotteries
    Accuracy of results
    Membership Price
    Overall site usability

    I’ve been using BeatLottery for over a decade now and here are some tips which may help other people:

    1. I started playing most frequently winning combinations first. There are period where I win very little or nothing at all but it takes one draw where most of the combinations hit a prize and I get my money back + some extra on top, depending on the draw. So be patient.

    2. System predictions are over 50% better than playing random numbers – look at the graphs, they won more prizes than playing the opposite – other numbers but you need to have a good budget to play them so I usually pick just few.

    3. Wisdom of Crowds – user generated predictions are just for fun. But I follow some people who have good success rate in winning and I play their combinations.

    4. The statistics are great and I spent quite some time to pick the numbers I play based on past winning history and and whether they are due.

    5. I also generate random sets of numbers to cover every single ball and this seems to work all the time – I always hit some prize.

    6. You need to learn how to use the winning patterns but that’s for another day.

    Just stick to this and it may improve your winnings. It does for me constantly.

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  3. 5
    Supported Lotteries
    Accuracy of results
    Membership Price
    Overall site usability

    Love this website and use it daily with great results overall.

    + PROS: Predictions are top!
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