Lottery Ticket Agents Reviews

Do you want to buy lottery tickets online but don’t know of any reliable lottery ticket agent? Look no further because we did the hard work for you and reviewed the most trusted sites.

Which one is the most reliable? Which one is the cheapest? Are they safe? Will they actually purchase your lottery tickets in local country? Are they not scam?

With a host of options available, selecting one that suits your preference and style can be pretty confusing. Of Course, choosing the best lottery ticket agent means considering several parameters.

Our analytics team has conducted more than 50+ hours of dedicated research to bring you the best performing and genuine lottery ticket purchasing services.

Top 8 Online Lottery Tickets Agents

1. The Lotter

The Lotter Review

Buy Tickets Editor choice

TheLotter, also known as GoLotter in UK, is one of the most popular online ticket purchasing services that aims to …

Probably the best-known lottery ticket agent out there, The Lotter is known as GoLotter in the UK, operating in several countries like Canada, Australia, India, Russia, UAE, Spain, and more.

Their service team will purchase tickets for you and upload a scanned copy to your registered account. The Lotter has paid out to around 5 million winners with winnings exceeding $100 million.

How many Years in Operation?It has been operating since 2002, translating to 19 years of experience.
Do they purchase real tickets?Yes, The Lotter purchases real tickets on your behalf and sends you a scanned copy of the ticket.
Do they support syndicates?Yes, The Lotter supports syndicates with different selection types.
How many lotteries can you play?The Lotter offers more than 45 lotteries, including popular ones like Mega Millions, EuroMillions and US Powerball.

2. Giant Lottos

Giant Lottos Review

Giant Lottos Review

Giant Lottos Review Giant Lottos launched their first website in 2007, making them one of the pioneers in the …

Already established lottery ticket agent which also offers unique AI system called SUPA-QP to help you pick the next winning numbers. Operating in many countries except United States of America, Australia, India, Russia, China and South Africa.

Their service team will purchase tickets for you and upload a scanned copy to your registered account.

How many Years in Operation?It has been operating since 2007, translating to 15 years of experience.
Do they purchase real tickets?Yes, Giant Lottos purchases real tickets on your behalf and sends you a scanned copy of the ticket.
Do they support syndicates?Yes, Giant Lottos supports syndicates with different selection types.
How many lotteries can you play? plays host to all of the world’s largest jackpots from the most popular lotteries, including USA Powerball, USA MegaMillions, UK National Lottery, EuroMillions and Spanish Raffles including the El Gordo and El Niño.


8.5 Review

Things You Should Know Before Playing On This Lottery Site Most online lottery fans probably heard about … is not a lottery purchasing agent but a service that offers players to bet on global lottery outcomes. It is licensed by the Malta Gaming Commission and operates in various countries like the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Mexico.

You can bet on some notable lotteries like USA Mega Millions, USA Powerball, Italy Super Enalotto, EuroJackpot, and EuroMillions.

How many Years in Operation? has been operating since 2016.
Do they purchase real tickets?No, does not purchase real tickets. They are a platform that provides lottery betting services, which means players can bet on the outcomes of various lotteries. However, the UK version of offers to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets for interested players.
Do they support syndicates?Yes, you can join one of the lottery betting syndicate on
How many lotteries can you play? offers over 30 global lottery games. They also offer various scratchcards and a big selection of casino games.

4. Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent Review

Lotto Agent Review

Lotto Agent: The Name Justifies The Service Lotto Agent is a lottery ticket agent company that is so successful at …

Lotto Agent is one of the most popular and trusted lottery ticket agents in 2021. Their team will purchase your preferred lottery tickets and send you a scanned copy of your purchase. Lotto Agent serves countries like Argentina, Lebanon, Germany, India, South Africa and several more.

You can participate in renowned lotteries like USA Powerball, Italy SuperEnalotto, EuroJackpot, and more. Lotto Agent has reportedly paid out over $50 million in prizes.

How many Years in Operation?Lotto Agent has been in the lottery scene for almost a decade; they first started their operations in 2012.
Do they purchase real tickets?Yes, the team from Lotto Agent will purchase real tickets for you and send you its scan copy.
Do they support syndicates?Yes, Lotto Agents supports syndicates for all the major lotteries.
How many lotteries can you play?Players can participate in more than 30 lotteries, these are functional in various countries, and some are even local.

5. Lotto Go

Lotto Go Review

Lotto Go Review

Lotto Go: A Brand Reborn Lotto Go is a lottery betting site that used to exist as World Lottery Club. In its …

Lotto Go is an operator of lottery betting services. The platform previously operated as World Lottery Club but has rebranded its business model and name since. Lotto Go holds a license from the UK Gaming Commission and operates casino games and sports betting apart from lottery betting.

How many Years in Operation?There is limited information about the company’s tenure in the betting market.
Do they purchase real tickets?No, Lotto Go only provides services for lottery betting.
Do they support syndicates?Yes, the platform provides support for selected syndicates.
How many lotteries can you play?Lotto Go provides betting services for a limited number of lotteries – only 17. However, these include blockbusters like US Mega Millions, US Powerball and Europe’s EuroMillions.

6. LottoLand

Lottoland Review

Lottoland Review

Lottoland Review It was just few weeks ago when I was just casually minding my own business and browsing for …

Lottoland is a betting service provider, allowing players to bet on the outcome of more than 30 lotteries operated around the globe. The platform is a well-known betting site and is noted for its legitimacy and immediate payments. Lottoland works for several countries like India, Portugal, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and more.

How many Years in Operation?The company has been active since 2013.
Do they purchase real tickets?No, Lottoland is a lottery betting service operator only. They do not purchase real tickets for interested participants.
Do they support syndicates?The platform supports syndicates looking to bet on thousands of lines.
How many lotteries can you play?Lottoland provides a plethora of options for lottery betting enthusiasts.

7. Lotto Kings

Lotto Kings Review

Lotto Kings Review

Lotto Kings: A New Way to Try Lotteries You remember that old movie scene where there is intense betting going on …

LottoKings is another lottery betting operator where players can bet on the outcome of global lotteries like EuroMillions, USA Powerball and EuroJackpot, among others. The company has paid out more than $70 million in betting rewards.

How many Years in Operation?LottoKings is one of the oldest companies in the online betting and lottery betting business. They have been operational since 2008.
Do they purchase real tickets?LottoKings only provides services for betting on lottery outcomes. Players cannot purchase real lottery tickets.
Do they support syndicates?Yes, the platform supports syndicates.
How many lotteries can you play?LottoKings provides lottery betting opportunities for more than 47 global lotteries and several local lotteries.

8. MultiLotto

MultiLotto is a lottery betting service that allows you to place bets on the outcome of hundreds of lotteries. The platform provides service to more than a dozen countries, and its website is available in 16+ languages.

Multilotto Review


If you are looking for a credible and reputable online lottery ticket agent, MultiLotto may be a good choice for you. …
How many Years in Operation?MultiLotto has been operational for more than a decade, since 2010.
Do they purchase real tickets?No. is not a lottery operator. acts as a platform for players to bet on the outcome of international lotteries.
Do they support syndicates?No, MultiLotto doesn’t support lottery syndicates.
How many lotteries can you play?MultiLotto offers over 60 lottery variants. Players can also gamble on their casino games.

About Lottery Expert: Why Should You Trust Us?

Finding a legit lottery ticket agent and lottery betting provider is not so easy. It is justified of you to ask, why should we trust reviews put forward by Lottery Expert?

A little bit about us: We at ‘Lottery Expert’ are passionate lottery players who have dedicated more than a decade participating in various local, national and global level lotteries. We have played alone and with several successful syndicates.

Over the years, we have tried and tested several strategies to improve our lottery odds and generate winning numbers.

So what makes our lottery agent reviews trustworthy? Unlike most ‘reviewers’ on the web who blindly rank lottery agents and related services, we at Lottery Expert sign up to these agent sites to gain first-hand experience of their services.

At the same time, we purchase tickets, verify the licenses, check for the payment platforms and test the customer support quality of these agents. Sure, our research takes several days, but it gives us a solid report to work with, which is presented to you.

Parameters That We Considered When Researching & Reviewing Lottery Sites

Now, every lottery agent is different. Some might also offer different services. So, it may get a tad bit difficult to find out which one’s the best. To get around that, we tried to take a look at common factors among all, to find which one’s best suited for your needs.

Is the Service Provider Legit?

That is the first question that would come into your mind, right? We check for appropriate licenses and credentials of the lottery agents.

The service providers hold certificates from various regulatory authorities like the Malta Gaming Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Government of Curacao. In addition, their services have garnered position reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Is the Service Secure?

When it comes to security, lottery players and betting enthusiasts should look for two things in a lottery agent site:

  • 256-bit SSL encryption: It is a grade of encryption utilized by most online casinos & betting sites to protect sensitive data.
  • PCI Compliance: This is a security standard for websites that regularly handle sensitive credit card information.

Our reviewed lotto sites carry both of the above credentials to keep their customer data secure. Lottery Expert has gone an extra step and tested the lotto agent and betting sites for phishing, malware, and trojans.

Which Countries Does the Operator Serve?

Are you from the US or Canada? Then you certainly want to opt for a lottery agent who will serve your needs. Our reviewed lottery agents and betting sites serve a majority of the countries on the globe. However, individuals should still check the agent’s website for a detailed outlook.

What Lotteries are Available?

Lottery Expert assigns a higher rating to the agent, providing more lottery participation options. Some agents like The Lotter, MultiLotto, and Lotto Agent provide several lottery options. However, as a general rule of thumb, we only consider the agents and betting sites that offer access to global lotteries like the USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions. These are a must-have for lottery agents; our picks pass in this category as well.

What are the Payment Options?

Easily one of the most important factors when considering signing up for a lottery site’s services. Are you getting your preferred payment option? If not, you can look for some other site that fits your requirements. Generally, you should look for agent sites and betting operators offering payment through Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, internet banking, and Neteller.

Payout Time and Rate

Again, this factor boils down to an operator’s reputation, time in the market, and proof of payouts. Players can check a lottery agent’s home page to verify whether they make regular payouts to winners. But with our dedicated reviews, you won’t have to do that because all of our selected lotto agents and betting sites qualify in this department.

How to Claim the Rewards?

Suppose you have won a small amount in the lottery or through betting like a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. In that case, your winnings will be credited to your registered account automatically within a stipulated time. However, if you win a jackpot that goes up to millions, then you might have to collect your rewards in person.

Is the Service Available on Mobile?

Nowadays, most lottery agents and betting operators have developed mobile applications or mobile websites featuring excellent UI. Players can also check the status of their lotteries and any upcoming lotteries for participation. The payment systems are convenient, and the customer support is instant.

How Good is Customer Support?

Customer Support is essential for players to consider before playing a lottery through any lottery agent or betting site. The lotto services that we have reviewed provide dedicated customer support through 24/7 live chat and mail.

What is the Price Charged for a Single Ticket?

Lottery AgentMega Millions (US)Powerball (US)SuperEnalotto(Italy)EuroJackpot (EU)EuroMillions (EU)
The Lotter$5.00  $5.00  €2.50  €5.00  €5.60
MultiLotto$3.53  $4.12  €1.50  €2.50  €3.50
Lotto Agent$4.98  $4.98  €2.65  €5.14  €5.53$4.12$4.12  €2.50€2.50  €3.50
LottoKings$3.50  $5.50  €2.98  €10.21€5.10
BuyLottoOnline$5.00$5.00  €5.10  €6.80€10.21  
Lotto Go$3.75$3.75€2.25€2.25€2.25
Lotto Smile$5.00$5.00€2.50€5.00  €5.60

Final Words

Luck is an integral part of winning the lottery, but proper analysis of legitimate lottery agents and odds can certainly work in your favor and increase your chances. Our comparison of different lottery agents and betting operators will help players make the right choice and maybe even fulfill their hopes of winning a multimillion-dollar lottery.

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