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Lottoland Review

It was just few weeks ago when I was just casually minding my own business and browsing for ongoing lotteries when my WhatsApp was suddenly abuzz with a lot of discussion about a website called Lottoland. Now, being an old-time gambler, I decided to mute the notifications, and stick to my trusted websites. However, I could not. The reason was my old-time pal, Ryan, won a freaking cool $5000 on Lottoland and got paid within 3 days. 

It was Ryan’s texts that got me into Lottoland, which is actually a Lottery betting website, rather than being any lottery provider. What Lottoland does is allows you to bet on the outcome of the lotteries, so no matter who wins the real lottery, if you have the right numbers, you also end up being paid the same amount. Not convinced yet? Here is the most awesome fact about Lottoland: It allows you to place a bet on lotteries being played in more than 30 countries.

What is Lottoland

Why Is It Not A Scam

There has been a myth created around the business model of Lottoland, as many people think of it as being a scam, where you are simply dumping your money. However, it is far from being a scam. Lottoland is pretty much similar to an online bookie that you might have been using to buy lottery tickets outside your country. That was the way everyone used to do it.

However, with its arrival on the scene, Lottoland has pretty much changed the game. It allows you to place bets in high stake multi-million lotteries, without being exposed to the risks. On the flipside, Lottoland is being regulated by The Irish National Excise Licence Office, Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, and The UK Gambling Commission. This gives them an edge over online bookies, as these bookies are not regulated by any such authorities. 

Lottoland’s lottery betting model is unique and foolproof, because of being backed by multiple insurers. These insurers make sure that you get paid by the same amount as the original lottery. The biggest reported payout on Lottoland has been £79 MILLION paid to a lucky winner of EuroJackpot in 2018. Take that for the hype of being a scam. However, there is still one major challenge with Lottoland. Its concept is so new and unique to the extent that you can not draw parallels to any other website.

36-year-old cleaner Christina won an incredible £79 MILLION (€90,000,000) jackpot betting on the outcome of EuroJackpot.

Signing Up

How to Sign Up 

To bet on the Lottoland lotteries and to easily keep track of your bets the first thing that I did was to create an account. The signup process is incredibly simple and was completed flawlessly. All I was asked was my address, my pin code, date of birth, and my email address. If you do not want to enter all these mundane details and have a verified Facebook account then life becomes even easier. Once I entered the details the verification process was completed within minutes. 

Services Offered

What Services Does Lottoland Offer

Apart from their ingenious lottery betting model, Lottoland surely seems to have done its homework. They might be new in the town but they are going to make life harder for their competitors’ websites. And this is not a vague claim as one can play at 10 least types of games. To make life easier for newcomers, Lottoland has divided its homepage into easily accessible game segments. Some of the noticeable games were: 

  1. Sports Betting: If you are a sports enthusiast who has got a bit of game for betting also then Lottoland is going to be the website you fell in love with. The sports betting segment caters to your needs of wagering in Football, Cricket, and Rugby. Along with that Lottoland went out of its way to incorporate a segment on Esports and Virtual Horse Racing. To keep things funny enough, they also provided a dedicated segment on Virtual Dog Racing. Absolute Mad lads!
  2.  Keno: It was fairly simple and by far the easiest of all the quick access games. All I had to do was select numbers between 1 to 100 for each ticket and place a wager. If your number is in the lucky draw then you are the winner. Lottoland Keno was played at New York Casino but I did not have to leave my couch to enjoy it. 
  3.  Power Ball: It is a modified version of Keno which is highly popular among Americans. To be very honest, I found it to be a bit dull and complex. I did not spend much time in this zone. But if you have a knack for it then you might enjoy this 24×7 running mania.
  4.  Slot Machines: For the lovers of the slot machine genre Lottland has a lot to offer. Though not present directly on its home page, the players can access slot machines from the instant win segment and enjoy a high-quality gaming session with multiple slot machines. Last I checked, Lottoland had around 900 slot machines.

Despite these vast categories of games, it becomes clear that Lottoland wants to make its name for lottery betting. And as such, perhaps the website itself sees other games as secondary.

Supported Countries

Countries From Where You Can Play

Lottoland is a globally available website, since its operation. It is being used by players from all over the globe, even though its main userbase is from New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and the U.S.A. Players from India and Asia have started using the website.

 The company has surely paid ample attention to improved user experience and has made the website available in multiple languages, including Russian. Recognizing the vast market available in the South Asian region, Lottoland has started its dedicated lottery portal for Asian members

If your country has not placed an explicit ban on gambling, betting, and online wagering activities then you should be able to enjoy the experience of lottery betting being offered on Lottoland. A gentle reminder here is that Lottland has received its certification from 3 different commissions. So unless you are legally prohibited from gambling and related activities, Lottoland is open for you. 

How much does it cost

Commission And Other Charges

Lottoland has declared that the company follows the official payout structure of the lottery system existing in the U.S if you are placing a bet on the American Lottery. It means that a total of 38% of your jackpot is deducted in the form of Advance Taxes on Lotteries. Please note that this system exactly reflects the legal mechanism present in the U.S. This declaration convinced me of the fairness of the system being employed by Lottoland’s lottery betting. 

Lottoland has not declared any commission policy and it insists that the players are paid a lump sum amount equal to the jackpot prize. Some Power Ball payments are paid in the form of annuity also. This looks sluggish and might not be liked by many players. 

Payment and Withdrawals

Payment and Withdrawals

The platform allows an easy deposit mechanism. Adding funds is similar to your familiar financial mechanism. As soon as you sign up, you are provided a dedicated account, which is in turn connected with your Bank Account or Credit card. The website offers Credit Packages, that allow you to add money in a certain multiple. 

 Once you place a bet, the same amount is debited from your Lottoland balance. The payment gateways available on the website are Visa, MasterCard, PaySafe, and Much Better. With end-to-end encryption, your security is duly taken care of. 

 However, the withdrawing mechanism is not as smooth as the deposit method. Due to the Anti Money Laundering guidelines, players need to put a request with customer care. This can be done over an email or using the live chat mode. Although my withdrawal was completed in two days, I would still like to have my freedom in placing a withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

Concluding Remarks

To sum up my own experience, I was mighty pleased with Lottoland. Their approach towards lottery betting is quite innovative and has helped me to place a wager for a lottery in Germany, despite me being in countries apart. The freedom that comes with choices has a new thrill to it. Lottoland’s user experience was to my satisfaction and the customer service came in handy when I was making my withdrawal. Although withdrawals were not totally under my action, I would not mind placing a wager on Lotteries and other games with Lottoland. In the end, I and Ryan might have a wager of our own: Who wins the most on Lottoland.

7.8Expert Score
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