Beware Of Manipulative Lottery Reviews Sites

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Unveiling the Truth: Why Do Some Bad Lottery Systems Receive High Ratings?

The purpose of any review sites is to thoroughly test product or system and come up with unbiased review so you can make informed decision whether you should try the system or not without wasting your time and precious money. But are they all equally good?

To start you have to ask a question – what’s behind their business model?

Are they really honest and trying to make unbiased review or are they simply trying to promote their own products for their financial benefits?

The easiest way to find out is to skim through their reviews. If you see that they purposefully shame every single product and system except one, that may be a big red flag!

The usual business model for any review site is either promoting certain products or services which they find good and claim a small commission from every sale of the products or from placing ads on their site and generate revenue that way.

So let’s look at some of the largest lottery review sites and let’s find out what are their intentions and whether you can trust them.

Lottery Critic

Lottery Critic, originally founded by Nicholas Christensen, claims to be the #1 resource for lottery information on the internet, providing users with up-to-date news, reviews of online lottery vendors, and tips on how to play the lottery safely and responsibly. It offers a diverse range of services catering to lottery enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to providing lottery results and reviews, Lottery Critic also offers a number of tools and resources for lottery players. These include lottery calculators, which can help you calculate your potential winnings, as well as information on different lottery strategies.

Primarily, it conducts reviews encompassing several aspects of the lottery industry:

  1. Lottery Ticket Agents: These agents serve as intermediaries, reselling tickets for official lotteries. Lottery Critic likely evaluates such agents based on factors like reliability, pricing, and customer service.
  2. Lottery Tools and Systems: The platform provides reviews and analysis of various lottery tools and systems, presumably offering insights into their effectiveness, usability, and value for users.
  3. Casino Reviews: In addition to lottery-related content, Lottery Critic also assesses casinos, likely covering aspects such as game variety, bonuses, user experience, and security.
  4. Global Lottery Results: Users can access up-to-date lottery results from around the world through the website, providing a comprehensive resource for tracking outcomes and jackpot information.
  5. Lottery Articles: Lottery Critic publishes informative articles covering a wide range of topics related to lotteries, including tips, strategies, news, and industry developments.

It’s worth noting that Lottery Critic generates revenue primarily through promotions, particularly for platforms like appears to be an overpriced lottery ticket reseller, and Lottery Critic heavily promotes its services despite criticisms such as high pricing. Additionally, Lottery Critic may promote various lottery systems like Winslips, even if they rank poorly in our reviews.

Unfortunately back in 2021 the site was sold to Seven Star Digital, who are Casino affiliate sites and from that time, no valuable information about lotteries was added. What was added are the links to Casino sites reviews so basically Lottery Critic became just a platform with ranking juice boosting their Casino portfolio.

Overall, Lottery Critic serves as a comprehensive hub for lottery enthusiasts, offering reviews, tools, articles, and global lottery results while also engaging in promotional activities for certain lottery-related services and systems.

Lotto Exposed

Lotto Exposed positions itself as the ultimate destination for lottery enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of content, including reviews, playing tips, strategies, industry updates, and even lighter articles. Run by passionate individuals, the website emphasizes its commitment to providing unbiased information, achieved through meticulous research and editorial review of all published content.

However, upon closer inspection, discrepancies begin to surface. Despite claiming objectivity, Lotto Exposed’s approach to reviewing lottery systems raises eyebrows. Each system is harshly criticized without any evidence of actual testing, casting doubt on the validity of their assessments. This discrepancy undermines the credibility of their purported commitment to impartiality.

What becomes increasingly evident is Lotto Exposed’s ulterior motive – driving traffic to their affiliate lottery ticket agents. These agents offer overpriced tickets, and Lotto Exposed subtly encourages visitors to purchase through them under the guise of improving their odds. This agenda contradicts their claims of providing unbiased information and raises questions about their integrity.

In essence, Lotto Exposed falls short of its promises and instead serves as a platform that misleads rather than informs. It’s essential for players to approach the website with caution and skepticism, as the information provided may not always be in their best interests.

Lottery Guy

Which brings us to another similar so called lottery system review site, which takes this madness concept to a whole new level!

Lottery Guy claims to debunk myths surrounding winning the lottery and exposes fraudulent lottery systems. It emphasizes that while improving your chances of winning is possible, many systems are ineffective and a waste of money. The author offers simple, practical tips to increase one’s chances of winning without complicated mathematics. The author encourages readers to become wiser lottery players and provides resources for further information.

While this sounds all good, the tips he offers are not so. There used to be so much garbage written on that site, that the author probably realised that and removed it from the site. He now wants you to subscribe to his email newsletter instead and feed you these “great tips” straight to your mailbox.

Lottery Guy entices users with the promise of valuable insights, but signing up leads to a constant stream of disappointing emails. These emails offer little more than recycled common knowledge or irrelevant information. They fail to deliver on the promised strategies to improve lottery odds. Instead, the aim seems to be keeping users engaged through a barrage of meaningless content. This tactic creates the illusion of value and avoids negative search engine ranking, all while masking the lack of any substantial benefit.

Final Thoughts

In reality, none of the lottery review sites have actually tried the systems in real life! They rely just on the information they find on the vendor websites and summarise the main points and try to get some affiliate partnership with every reviewed site to make a commission.

If the site is not interested, they most likely write a bad review about it or push the review to the bottom of the list.

At, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and the player’s best interests. Our mission is simple: to empower players with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Unlike some review sites that prioritize affiliate partnerships, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing impartial evaluations.

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