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WinSlips Lottery System by Stefan Vandervelde: An Honest Assessment After Over a Year of Rigorous Testing

Our team subjected the Winslips Lottery System to extensive testing for over a year, initially holding high expectations for its touted effectiveness. However, the results reveal a system that fails to live up to its promises, ultimately proving to be a total disappointment.

What is Winslips?

Winslips is introduced as a wheeling lottery tool, combining the features of the “Inverted Lottery System” and the cost-effective “One-Ticket Lottery System.” Developed by Stefan Vandervelde, who claims a dubious world record, the system’s ambitious claims raise eyebrows from the start.

Red Flags and Bold Claims

A critical examination of Winslips begins with its bold homepage assertion: “A RADICAL LOTTERY SYSTEM, COZ … IT WORKS ALL THE TIME !!!” This claim, familiar in the world of lottery systems, often precedes disappointment.

How many systems have you seen which claimed exactly the same thing and turned out to be just a total waste of time and money?!

Testing the Claims: An Unfulfilled Promise

We managed to get access to this “great” system with a lot of expectations. I was expecting that this software would generate us combinations sets which would guarantee us to win at least the smallest prizes in every draw. There are indeed wheels like that which we tested and they genuinely work. You can read more about them in 26 PowerBall Tickets To Guarantee You win a prize in every draw. But not this one!

One of the initial red flags we encountered was the system’s failure to rely on any historical draw history. Winslips assumes that all draws behave similarly, employing a matrix method that claims to consistently work. The flaw in this approach becomes apparent over time, as our testing indicates that the system is just as effective as playing random numbers.

Unlocking the Winslips Program: A Closer Look

Upon entering the Winslips program, users encounter a standout ‘magic button’ on the home screen, initiating the creation of panels reminiscent of traditional lottery payslips. These panels, however, strategically omit certain numbers, setting the stage for a unique lottery experience.

Decoding Lottery Patterns with Stefan’s Expertise

Stefan, the mind behind Winslips, claims a wealth of experience in designing lottery software. This expertise has led him to identify critical patterns in popular lottery games, shaping the foundation of Winslips’ strategy. After a dedicated year of calculations, Stefan asserts that Winslips can significantly reduce the number of combinations players contend with.

The Winslips Strategy Unveiled

Winslips achieves reduction through the utilization of clustering and specific combinations. In simpler terms, it eliminates numbers deemed unlikely to be part of winning clusters, resulting in each panel having a distinctive set of intentionally missing numbers. The concept holds promise, backed by Stefan’s assurance that winning figures will be present in at least one generated panel.

The Number Verification Picker: Crafting Your Winning Combinations

The Winslips program features a Number Verification Picker designed to generate specific combinations for users to play. Unlike random number selection, the picker focuses on creating combinations spanning multiple rows and columns. The underlying principle involves analyzing the probabilities of numbers appearing in both columns and rows, a method carefully curated by Stefan.

Choosing Your Number of Combinations: Stefan’s Expert Advice

Users have the flexibility to decide how many combinations they want to play, with Stefan recommending one combination per panel. For those on a tight budget, a single combination per panel is a viable option, though not as effective as playing with 5-6 combinations.

Winslips’ Game Coverage: A Versatile Solution

Winslips covers a wide range of Pick numbers’ variants, including games with extra balls drawn separately. Whether it’s Powerball, EuroMillions, or Mega Millions, Winslips positions itself as a versatile solution for lottery enthusiasts.

Membership Costs and Accessibility

To access Winslips’ full suite of features, users can opt for the ultimate membership at $39.95/year, a one-time fee with no automatic renewals. This provides a cost-effective approach for lottery players seeking an edge.

Unveiling the Truth: Contradictions in Winslips’ Grand Claims

Contrary to Winslips’ premise of perpetual wins with a one-time purchase, our findings, after a year of thorough testing, challenge these grand claims. It’s essential for users to approach Winslips with a realistic perspective, understanding that consistent victories may not align with the system’s promises.

What do we think about Winslips

It becomes crucial to question why Winslips has garnered positive reviews. The answer lies in the system’s commission structure. Anyone willing to promote Winslips, regardless of its flaws, is enticed by a generous 50% commission. In contrast, our review remains unbiased, as we do not promote the system and receive no commission, allowing us to provide an honest assessment.

In conclusion, Winslips Lottery System, despite its enticing promises and positive reviews, falls short in delivering tangible results. Our extensive testing and unbiased evaluation lead us to categorize this system as a total disappointment, urging potential users to explore alternative lottery systems with proven track records and comprehensive features.

Top choices like Beat Lottery have all those features and more.

3.5Expert Score

Just another wheeling system promising the impossible, to help you win the lottery.

Functionality and Features
Supported Lotteries
Membership Price
Customer Support
Improves odds to win
  • Simplicity
  • Can be applied to many lotteries
  • After extensive testing, didn't improve our odds to win
  • Doesn't use any historical data
  • No info about algorithm how the numbers are being picked
  • Doesn't offer functionality like saving numbers, auto generating sets, comparing winning results, etc.
  • Poor customer support
  • Expensive

WinSlips Review
WinSlips Review
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