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Richard Lustig: The Controversial Multi-Time Lotto Winner

Richard Lustig is one of the most famous lottery players of all time known for winning the lottery 7 times! Yes, that’s right, he won the jackpot 7 times! His presence reverberates amid a crowd of ardent lottery players who read his winning stories many times. Apart from the fact that Mr. Lustig is a well-known lottery winner, no one really knows who he is, at least not in-depth. His background is veiled in secrecy. Today, I’ll try to give you a good picture of his background and whether his knowledge of beating the lotteries can also help you with your lottery games. While he is indeed a hero in minds of many people, what kind of legend he truly is? It’s time to debunk some of his theories.

Richard Lustig
Richard Lustig on Fox News

Road to Winning

His Road to Winning Lotteries

Before he received his first lottery prize in 1993, little was known about Richard Lustig. Former professional drummer touring the country and then later turning into a celebrity due to his lottery success, he is certainly a special person. However, he made the majority of his money as a novelist. Despite earning over a million dollars in lottery prizes, he built his fortune through hard work.

He won his first $10,000 on a scratch card ticket in 1993. This small prize inspired him for turning his love into a fortune. Richard didn’t win a big lottery award for the entire four years. Despite being referred to as a record-breaking lottery winner, I prefer to disagree with this definition. After all, his approach is inconsistency-prone and costly.

He knew he needed to keep up the tempo after winning a little over $13,000 in August 1997 and two vacation wins in June 2000 and October 2001. He didn’t have to wait long to claim his largest lottery payout, a whopping $842,152, the next year on January 22, 2002. This is when it all started. He became a celebrity after being approached by journalists who spread the sensational news that he had already won multiple times without including any figures. People who read his biography will see that he is not a lottery god, but rather he is a lottery player who spends a lot of money on lottery tickets.

Richard was wealthy by this time, but he had yet to hit the $1,000,000 mark. He wasn’t a lottery millionaire after years of competing and spending half of his money on lottery tickets. This improved in August 2010 when he won almost $100,000 in the Florida Fantasy 5 lottery. The Florida Fantasy 5 accounts for three of his seven lottery wins.

Richard Lusting - Fantasy 5 Win
Richard Lusting – Fantasy 5 Win

Richard Lustig won a total of $1,052,205.58 before taxes as a result of his seven victories.

January 1993$10,000Scratch-off Ticket
August 1997$13,696.03Florida Fantasy Five
June 2000“Wheel of Fortune” holiday trip to Los Angeles
valued at $3,594.66
Scratch-off Ticket 2nd Chance drawing
October 2001Elvis Holiday trip to Memphis, valued at $4,966Scratch-off Ticket 2nd Chance drawing
January 2002$842,152.91Florida Mega Money
November 2008$73,658.06Florida Fantasy 5
August 2010$98,992.92Florida Fantasy 5

The Lottery Guru

Becoming The Lottery Guru

Richard Lustig discovered that he was born to be a great lottery player and that the success he gained would enable him to make a lot of money. The only thing was that he didn’t know how to make money out of his celebrity status and all the extensive lottery knowledge he accumulated over time.

After years of refining his process, he was finally able to develop a guidebook about how players could boost their odds of winning the lottery and ultimately win the jackpot.

Winning Lottery Method

Publishing The Winning Lottery Method Book

In his 40 page book called “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery” Lustig outlines his winning formula, the dos, and don’ts of buying lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning. Richard claims, that this method allowed him and his family to win several grand prizes.

At the time Lustig’s novel was a big success and rank #3 on Amazon’s self-help book list. And even to this day, new lottery players trust him beyond exception. While it is mentioned in the first paragraph that Lustig has “won the grand prize seven times,” the only statistic that is not revealed is the amount of money he actually spent playing.

Richard Lustig

Lustig’s first advice is to never spend more than you can afford to play.

His system suggests only to use the numbers you originally used and only quit playing them when they win a prize, because of his theory that the numbers picked in a draw cannot be used again. It is a statement without any science or statistics to back the claim. Any series of arbitrary numbers have the same chance of appearing again as it did initially.

This book promises to be able to assist you in determining the winning numbers for the next lottery game. It accomplishes this by instructing you on the inner workings of all of the best overseas lotteries and providing you with a thorough understanding of how the lottery operates.

A data analyst refuted Lustig’s arguments, but he had a solution for people who play games like Powerball. He suggested players choose a number over 31. Although nothing will improve your chances of winning, you will be unlikely to share the jackpot with more people if a player does win. This is due to the fact that lots of people pick their birthdays as their lottery numbers.

Another suggestion was to play the same numbers regularly. This goes against almost all other lottery method’s recommendations, which all look at the odds of numbers being drawn and then advise you to choose numbers from the ones that are most likely to appear.

For a man who has won the lottery seven times, you’d think Richard would have plenty of cash and be able to give his tips away for free. The reality is that you’ll have to pay to get this book. It is still available on Amazon:

The book seems to be also available on his (or whoever runs this website now) called

Our Opinion

What do we think about his book?

Despite Lustig’s confidence in this approach, none of his suggestions are based on mathematics or statistics (unlike those of numerous lottery winners Joan Ginther and Gail Howard), and there is no evidence that his advice would help others succeed. There have been several instances where quick-pick lines have resulted in a victory. There have also been several occasions where the same winning number combination has been found in multiple draws. Your chances of winning the lottery remain the same regardless of how you pick the numbers.

Richard seems to be very reserved when it comes to providing information on how his particular scheme operates, including the fact that he loves to brag about how he has won the lottery seven times. In reality, virtually no information on what this book will teach you or how the strategies you will use will help you forecast lottery numbers and win is provided.

It’s not that his guide isn’t useful, it is, but you can get this and also better information somewhere else for free: How To Win The Lottery

The Lottery Maximizer

The Lottery Maximizer

As of this writing in 2021, the website is still live. However, don’t expect much in terms of user interface and experience, not even consistency in the website text. The Lottery Maximizer currently is on sale for $97, allowing potential buyers to save $100 but we have reason to believe that this “sale” has been going on for quite some time now.

According to the website, this is essentially a software program. It seems to improve the odds of those hoping for a lucky break in their life winning the lottery. After taking into account some inputs, the program is expected to be capable of doing some logical calculations. It would then recommend a certain set of numbers for the buyers to wager on. The inputs may be the winning numbers from past lotteries you’ve played. Many people feel that using this app would greatly improve their odds of winning the lottery.

Lottery Maximizer
Lottery Maximizer by Richard Lustig

The website also states the following as its strengths:

  • There are reasons to think that this platform would improve people’s odds of winning lottery tickets. According to some reviews, it has changed the lives of many people.
  • It seems to be validated and time-tested, and few people are dissatisfied with their decision to invest in Lottery Maximizer.
  • When you pick a number as a possible lucky one, you usually go with your gut or depend solely on the term “luck.” When you choose a lottery maximizer, though, you can pick a number more rationally and statistically, potentially increasing your odds of winning dramatically.
  • When you use this method to maximize your odds of winning, there is nothing immoral or wrong about it.
  • The platform has been thoughtfully developed and is simple to use. The user interface is appealing and intuitive.

Uniquely, the website has also publicly listed the weaknesses of using their program:

  • Many people are also doubtful and would prefer to view it with reservations.
  • It will improve your chances of winning the lottery, but it can’t promise you’ll win.
  • Lottery Maximizer may cause you to spend money without receiving anything in return.

Despite the pros and cons, none of the “techniques” prove to be legitimate or based on facts. Most of the contents of the website and the books published by Lustig are just tips that are viewed to be the absolute truth. If Lustig’s “universal approach” succeeded as well as he says, anyone who bought his book would already be on a winning streak. 

No, this method is ineffective. If Richard had found the secret to winning the lottery, he would now be one of the wealthiest men on the planet—a position he had never actually found. The issue is that Richard has tried to persuade a large number of people that he knows what he’s talking about. Unfortunately, all of those customers have bought his book and contributed to his bank account. As a result, we’re sure that he’s made more money marketing this phony lottery scheme than he ever did playing the lottery.

Although not everybody has won the lottery as many times as he has, there have been a number of winners who have used his methods and come forward. Susan T. won the Massachusetts Cash lottery and received a whopping $68,000!


What do we think about Richard Lustig’s lottery systems?

Richard Lustig knew he was destined to be a great lottery player, and that the recognition he gained would enable him to make a lot of money. By using his celebrity status and lottery background, he was able to develop a guidebook about how players can increase their odds of winning the lottery. His book became an instant hit.

While Lustig seemed to be truthful about his jackpots and strategies, his reputation has been used by certain businesses and entities to promote goods or practices that are much more sinister. Scammers often associate Lustig with their schemes to boost their credibility. Unfortunately, Lustig’s systems have been duplicated and sold under many different aliases:

Lotto Dominator

Lotto Dominator

Lustig’s name has been linked to a book named Lotto Dominator, which guarantees readers a winning lottery formula and charges them $147 for the privilege. You can still find some reviews which are similarly terrible, averaging 1 star for most clients. The product has been since removed from the Amazon catalog but the site still seems to be active.

Lottery Winner University

Lottery Winner University

Just another copy of the same terrible product as Lotto Dominator. Many people have felt for the scheme, with everyone calling it a scam.

Auto Lotto Processor

Auto Lotto Processor

Finally, another clone is nothing more than what we already mentioned. It consists of the same system, different names, and the same backlash.

I’m sure there are and will be more similar scam clones so watch out for the names like:

Don’t fall for any of them! Be smart.

If you think Richard Lustig’s wins are the product of a particular way of playing or just bad luck, there’s no doubt that he won a significant sum of money and was wise enough to take advantage of it. If you decide to follow Lustig’s approach, note to play responsibly. There is no guarantee you’ll achieve the same impressive results as he did. Unfortunately, no new details can be officially gathered since he died a few years back. He passed away on July 22, 2018, at 67 years old.

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While Richard Lusting indeed won lottery stunningly 7 times, he also spent a lot of money in doing so. If you have the budget then can try the same strategy.

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