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Smart Decision or Bad Luck: Smart Luck Review

Many people have dreamt of winning the lottery one day. It will take a lot of effort, luck, and actual money to be able to pull off a jackpot. One software tool allegedly boosts your chances of winning the big one. Before you decide to go all-in with the software tool, you might want to get to know it better first. Today, we are going to be taking a look at what Smart Luck is, how it works, how do various people perceive their services, how much does it cost to purchase their products and an overall in-depth analysis on whether this is something people would want to get their hands on. 

What Is It?

What Is SmartLuck?

Smart Luck is a small family business created by lottery strategist Gail Howard. Unfortunately, Gail Howard died in 2015. Smart Luck has continued even after her death, where her employees had worked for her to develop the system since the 1980s. According to Smart Luck, they have produced 108 jackpot winners and earned a cumulative amount of over $ 102 million.

How Does It Work?

How Does SmartLuck system Work?

There are six different applications that Smart Luck offers to increase a person’s chances of winning the lottery. The company categorizes its products into two segments, namely the Advantage Gold Software and Balanced Wheel Software.

Advantage Gold reportedly uses lotto history to generate the best possible winning numbers. As the main program for the company, they are claiming that using this product will increase their chances of winning thanks to the information that they share with you by using it. The software uses past lottery draw data and analyzes overused and underused numbers to predict the following possible combination.

The Balanced Wheel use lottery winning to predict results. Lottery wheeling is a process where players choose a subset of numbers to aim for at least a minimum number of wins. Using the scheme, the software predicts what numbers will pop up next.

Smart Luck claims that using both Advantage Gold and Balanced Wheel products will guarantee users to win a minimum amount in a lottery raffle.

On top of that they offer various books with lots of information on how to increase your chances to win the lottery. You may want to look at them and browse few pages for free on Amazon to see for yourself:

Supported Lotteries

Which Lotteries Does It Support?

The Wheel Six Gold software is meant to be used for pick-6 and pick-7 lotto games. The Wheel Five Gold software is intended to be used for pick-5 lotto games such as the U.S. Powerball and Mega Millions. The Wheel Four Gold software is meant for pick-3 and pick-4 lotto games, except for those number ranges that are limited from one to nine. The Wheel Ten Keno Gold is meant for pick-8, pick-9, and pick-10 keno games. The Filtering Full Wheel Generator can be used from pick-3 to pick-10 lotto games. According to the people of Smart Luck, their system creates larger wheels for a full jackpot guarantee.

People’s Opinion

How Do People View It?

Time has not been kind for Smart Luck. The majority of reviewers gave the lottery tool a low 1 out of 5. One reviewer said that there are more chances that you will be hit by lightning twice in the same spot than winning a lottery using Gail Howard’s software products.

Smart Luck is an outdated system, with many of its contents copied from free sources. It seems that most of those who have experienced using Smart Luck figured out that the system consists of many flaws.

If you thought that their website and packaging are designed as if it was the late 1990s, you are not alone. Their website is overly antiquated, providing an abysmal user experience for simply navigating the site. With the rise of the internet, many consumers have the knowledge to tell whether a product is sketchy or not. Packaging plays an essential role in that matter. Unfortunately, even without reaching any reviews or conclusions, the packaging design for the products of Smart Luck is enough to turn away potential customers.

There is a saying that goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It is true that while some products come out with terrible packaging, the content itself is so irreplaceable that how it was packaged does not matter. If only that were the case with Smart Luck. Their website claims that the new and improved Advantage Gold offers a new user-friendly interface. It is acceptable, by 2001 standards. A good user interface and experience requires no manual when a first-time user tries out a software application. This is not the case for Smart Luck. 

Using the actual programs could also wake up any modern anti-virus that is installed in your Windows machine. Yes, their suite of products is not compatible with macOS, Linux, Android, IOS, or any other mainstream alternative operating system. The source where the product collects multiple data contains malware. Given how the software products have not been visually edited since the early internet days, it is no surprise if the products are also vulnerable to breaches. It should be expected that running the service using a computer in 2021 may end up crashing or cause privacy issues.

Customer support is not keeping up with the latest trends. Although they can be reached through a phone line, email and postal mail, their ability to respond has been questionable. Many of us expect a response within the first 24 hours when trying to contact a support team in an interconnected world. Multiple people have varied experiences with Smart Luck’s customer support, from two days to not a single response. Since the family company is not keen on sharing details for the sake of transparency, we do not have a clue how the customer support system works on their end.

Legit or Scam?

Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Smart Luck claims that there have been 109 winners winning a combined amount of $ 102,007,908 on their website. They have pages dedicated to those who have won the website. The testimonials are nothing but pictures of articles, words, and abbreviated names of the winners. We have no reason to deny that the articles are real, however, it should also be noted that these articles may have been published with the blessing of the company.


How Much Does It Cost?

After the overwhelmingly negative response from users, it does not come as a shock that they would be frustrated. As of this review, Smart Luck charges people for the following products:

  • Advantage Gold—$ 79.95
  • Wheel Six Gold—$ 54.95 (Sale from $ 59.50)
  • Wheel Five Gold—$ 54.95 (Sale from $ 57.50)
  • Wheel Four Gold—$ 54.95 (Sale from $ 58.50)
  • Wheel Ten Keno Gold—$ 54.95 (Sale from $ 59.95)
  • Filtering Full Wheel Generator—$ 49.50

Did I mention that the delivery is done via CDs? Yes, you heard that right! Discs! Who in this world still uses CDs? Hey, come on people, we are not in dinosaur ages anymore!

Smart Luck makes it appear that all delivery fees are waived, not mentioning that the customer has to shoulder them. It should be taken with caution that the extra costs in delivering your products could end up making your purchase even more expensive. Updates do not come free with your payment for the software purchased. They charge up to $ 30 for an update.

As reviewed on their Return Policies page, they have a very limited return policy for purchased discs. The only way they would accept a return is if the package has not been unsealed yet. With regards to software returns, book returns, product exchanges, and money-back guarantees, customer protection in Smart Luck is non-existent. If you have decided to proceed with making a purchase, you better keep on reading the review to make sure that you spent your hard-earned money well. In their defense, they have free trials available to download on their website to make sure that their products are a fit for potential buyers.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

There is a reason why there is a good chance that you probably never heard of Smart Luck until reading this article. If you are the type of person who is willing to take high risks for high rewards, you could give them a shot since they have reportedly produced jackpot winners before.

Even if we don’t look at the efficacy of their products and services, their user experience is out of date for a company that claims to have allowed jackpot winners to win a combined sum of over $ 100 million. There will be times when it seems that their service is accurately predicting the results to some extent. Unfortunately, when the outcome of the game is based purely on chance, there may not be any statistics to back up the data to be predictable.

However, given the multiple red flags, as reviewed, we would suggest steering clear of Smart Luck in your attempts to win the lottery. We know that any help you can get to get a heads up on a lottery sounds good, but Smart Luck does not guarantee that you’ll even have a bigger chance of winning. Smart Luck uses the critical phrase “full jackpot guarantee” in some of their products. If we can trust that what the company said is true, then why isn’t everybody a lottery jackpot winner? A feat that even the creator of the system, Gail Howard, could not pull of herself when she was still alive.

The lottery has been around for a long time. Gathering multiple data and analyzing them through software will indeed allow these kinds of systems to generate potential winning numbers. However, the nature of the lottery itself revolves around it being a game of chance and luck. No science or statistics methods will ever work on a game that does not rely on those factors. The choice is up to you, whether you’ll make a smart decision or get bad luck.

2.8Expert Score

Outdated system with software not fit for purpose any more.

Supported Lotteries
Possibility to win the jackpot
  • Produced over 100 winners since the 1980s
  • Uses actual data and statistics for predictions
  • Expensive
  • Need to purchase updates
  • Outdated system and content
  • Poor customer support
  • Non-existent return policy
  • No compatibility with other major operating systems
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