2009 Bulgarian Lottery Draws: Same Numbers Twice, Controversy Erupts

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Identical lottery draw was coincidence, officials said

The Bulgarian authorities have launched an investigation after the same six numbers were drawn in two consecutive rounds of the national lottery. While officials maintain the process is secure, the improbable event has raised concerns.

The Numbers and the Investigation:

On September 6th and 10th, 2009, the lottery machine live on television selected the same six numbers: 4, 15, 23, 24, 35, and 42. While the order differed, the repeated occurrence triggered an inquiry.

Official Statements:

A lottery official dismissed the possibility of manipulation, echoing the findings of an official investigation led by Konstantin Simeonov. The investigation, commissioned by Sports Minister Svilen Neykov, concluded that “no wrongdoing” occurred in the draw or determining the winners.

A respected mathematician, Michail Konstantinov, acknowledged the statistical improbability, estimating the odds at one in four million. However, he emphasized that coincidences, though rare, can occur.

Ministerial Involvement:

Minister Neykov played a key role in initiating the investigation, which ultimately confirmed the legitimacy of the draw.

Lottery Organizers’ Response:

The lottery organizers downplayed the event as a “freak coincidence” and highlighted that the order of the drawn numbers differed. They reiterated the security measures in place, including the presence of a special committee and live television broadcast, to prevent manipulation.

Impact on Players:

While no winner emerged in the first draw, a record-breaking 18 individuals correctly guessed all six numbers in the second draw, each winning 10,164 leva (approximately £4,700).

Further Intrigue:

The situation became even more curious when three of the winning numbers reappeared in the following draw on September 13th. However, an investigation deemed the geographic dispersion and age range of the 18 winners sufficient evidence against collusion. The relatively small winnings were also cited as discouraging factors for fraud.

Human Behavior and the Power of Belief:

This event offers an interesting glimpse into human psychology. Despite the low odds, many players chose to believe in the possibility of the same numbers winning twice, highlighting the appeal of unlikely scenarios. A recent study suggests that playing random numbers offers the best chance of winning, yet these players opted for the seemingly “lucky” combination. This phenomenon reaffirms the enduring human belief in chance and serendipity.

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